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I met Dr. Gupta owner of Helping Solution for the first time when she interviewed my mother for daily care. Dr. Gupta is a caring person not only for the patient but for the other family members well being during trying times.

She is knowledgeable about the human body and implements treatments for the elderly. She is honest, sincere, and extremely sensitive to the needs of the family.

I have entrusted her with the care of my mother and highly recommend her to others needing a helping hand for their elderly loved ones. She hires and trains very high quality caregivers who treat every one with utmost respect. Her company provides state of the art technology services as well to make the family and loved ones at ease.

~ David Cooper

Dear Dr. Gupta,

Sorry I took so long to tell you that we were totally satisfied with the service we received from you and your staff. For many years, we had not received the type of service you provided. It was a breadth of fresh air. Your caregiver Blen was a perfect fit with our daughter. She took care of our daughter like a sister. I would recommend your services to anyone in need of help.

~ Delmar Burton

I was looking for a caregiver agency to help me in taking care of my AD husband. I interviewed many companies and most all told me that I needed to start with 10-12 hours of service each day right away.

Then I got Helping Solution information from Alzheimer’s list of caregivers. I contacted them and Dr. Gupta, President of the company responded to my query. She came out to evaluate the situation and spent over two hours listening to me and answering all the questions I had. She handled the situation very well as I was very tired and exhausted and had many questions.

After evaluating my husband, she stated that since my husband is going thru Alzheimer's, adding a new person right away for the entire day may frustrate him to the point that he might stop responding all together. To my shock, she suggested to start with only 3 -4 hours a day to build his confidence first. I was surprised to see such honesty and true service oriented person. She could’ve easily said the same thing others had said but she really provided me an insight.

I have been using her services and will recommend her to anyone. She truly understands the meaning of providing service.

~ Joyce Anderson

Dr. Gupta I am sending you a copy of the letter that my father wrote to me before he passed away where he discussed not wanting to be an invalid & end up in a nursing home.  I have sent you the entire 3 - page letter but I have bracketed that part of the sentence on the first page where he states, "but I was most fearful of not dying and being an invalid."

Dad was a very proud person who did not want to impose on anyone or become a burden to them in anyway.  He wanted to go out on his own terms, which meant never having anyone in the family tend to his daily needs.

Your company stepped up in a big way to help out and made my dad's wishes come true to stay independent as long as he could.

~ R. Monley

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