With ACA in place and the penalty being imposed on hospitals starting this year and rehabs starting next year, it has become imperative to deploy some technology to help in dealing with readmissions hence the introduction of Telehealth. We are the only ones who have a full tele health / telemedicine package for all segments of the industry from Hospitals to rehabs to home health agencies.

We Have Four Flavors of Telehealth / Medicine

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) - A patient takes home vital sign kit(s) and they take their own vital signs. If they don't take the vital signs when prescribed by their PCP, our care coordinator will call them to remind them and the patient is monitored proactively to filter out any red flag by our care coordinators and a message is sent to the nurse or the PCP hence decreasing ER visits and increasing patient satisfaction and revenue. Since we provide the care coordinators, you don't have to keep a staff for that as well. On average the solution has been proven to save about $6000 per patient per year so if you have 20 patients, it would save you $120,000 per year.

Remote Patient Monitoring with MD consult - specially designed for hospitals and rehabs. Where a patient takes vital sign monitoring kit with them and with one touch they can consult with a board licensed doctor. There is no upfront cost for a hospital since our foundation picks up all the network infrastructure cost.

Remote consultation infrastructure where your specialist can visit and consult a patient at the other location. We provide it either via Robots or mobile carts, or fixed room implementation.

Telemedicine solution developed just for assisted living, nursing homes etc where it extends MDs hours, thus increasing resident satisfaction, less visits to ER, and saves you time and money. I would love to show you how easy it is to operate them and how they can increase your revenue. With the ACA in place, telemedicine is helping facilities across US in saving money, increasing revenue, decreasing readmissions and increasing patient satisfaction.

In State of Kansas, the CMS pays for the Telehealth and in State of Missouri, both CMS and the private insurances pay for the Telehealth.

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How Telehealth Works
Patient at home takes vital signs. Server processes clinical data in communication with electronic health records.
Multi-Disciplinary Care Team manages fully integrated medical records streamlines operations, and increases patient throughput. Telehealth nurse specialized in clinical software streamlines workflow and allows for earlier patient intervention.
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