Highly Trained Technical Support
Now that IPAD or tablets are becoming more and more popular. It is getting easy to stay in touch with your loved ones and have a video chat every day on demand. Your seniors can see your children up close and personal without being in same city, state or even country.

But all these devices run on wireless and you bought your loved seniors the devices but you live out of town or just too busy to set up the wireless system, it may not be that easy for them to set up that wireless system even though the technology has matured. Getting a Geek squad coming in would cost you more than the device itself and finding someone from the street to come and fix the problem may not be prudent.

Everyday you hear horror stories of identity theft and how scammers are taking advantage of unsuspecting people, do you really want someone from the street coming to your loved ones house to configure their wireless systems and thus having an access to their digital life.

So what do you do?
Look no further, we are here to help. We are a sister company of your already trusted Helping Solution and you can trust us to fix these issues for you.

Personal Alarm Service

Identity thieves are everywhere. Every day seniors or unsuspecting persons get spam emails or gets their computer high jacked. Protecting their computer, their digital life, and their identity is our top priority. With our services and options, you are always in charge.

For your piece of mind, we offer:

  • Personal Safety Service - Your loved ones get personal alarm service in case they need emergency service right away. We also have the capability to provide keys to the emergency personnel when they get to the house in case your loved one is unavailable to open the door.
  • Home Monitoring - We have many options to choose from that best fit your need from self monitoring to full monitoring.
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