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The 85-and-older population is expected to more than triple between 2008 and 2050 in the United States alone. This staggering statistic not only proves the growing need for elderly home care, but also the fact that thousands of families are facing the same critical decision as you. You are absolutely not alone.

Compassionate Helping Solution Caregivers are an invaluable resource in helping families eliminate worry, reduce stress and reestablish personal freedom. From Alzheimer's and dementia support to cancer to respite care and companionship, we are ready to help you through this difficult time. All direct care workers assigned from the Agency are protected under the state and federal Unemployment Compensation and Worker's Compensation statutes.

At Helping Solution LLC we keep you and your loved ones independent
We considered our parents and grandparents the hero. They taught us how to ride bike, drive a car, threw tea parties, and dressed us up among many other things. We still crave for those cookies and cupcakes made by grandma. But now things aren�t so easy for them anymore, and we have to wonder how they can safely stay in the house. So don�t they deserve a little help after all the sacrifices they have done over the years?

Our Home Helper Services

Our Home Helper Services allow seniors to continue living in the homes they treasure, keep their familiar routines, socialize with friends and keep their sense of self-sufficiency. And what about those single parents who have to care for their gifted children? We provide a piece of mind and little time off to them.

Our Home Helper Services Include:
  • Assist with household tasks such as:
    • Help with laundry and ironing
    • Take out garbage
    • Make beds
    • Change linens
    • Dust furniture
    • Organize and clean closets
    • Shop for groceries and supplies
    • Prepare future meals
  • Help with errands such as:
    • Drop off and pick up dry cleaning
    • Pick up prescriptions
  • Escort to appointments and events.
  • Aid with airport tasks.
  • Set up wireless Internet and video chat systems so you can stay in touch with them.
  • Set up computer system, printers etc so they can print out or go online safely whenever they need to.
  • We can also install security systems so if something happens they can call the police, ambulance or even contact you.
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